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Winnie Mucherah

Winnie Mucherah is a Professor of Developmental Psychology. She received both her master’s and doctorate degrees in Human Development from the University of Maryland, College Park, Maryland. Her research interests include classroom climate and academic achievement, reading motivation and academic achievement in middle school students, self-concept and academic achievement, self-concept and self-esteem among minorities, significance of native languages, and cross-cultural research focusing on adolescents. In addition, she conducts research on teachers’ sense of efficacy and beliefs in immersive learning experiences.

Winnie also developed a partnership with two Kenyan universities involving student/faculty exchanges and research. Through this partnership, she takes Ball State students to Kenya in the summer for immersive learning. Winnie also writes grants for a rural primary school in Kenya on various projects like nutrition, barriers to academic success and health and hygiene among preadolescent and adolescent girls.

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