Aretha Faye Marbley

Dr. Aretha Faye Marbley is Professor and Director of Community Counseling in Counselor Education at Texas Tech University. She is a critical global multicultural-social justice womanist activist, scholar, storyteller, and clinical counselor educator whose multicultural-social justice and human rights work has spanned over three decades. As a helper, healer, advocate, and storyteller for women, people of color, and marginalized communities, she critically examines the intersectionality of multiple social identities (e.g., race, ethnicity, nationality, ancestry, age, class, gender, ability, and sexuality) and listens to the experiences, voices, and counternarratives of marginalized women, communities, and people trapped in oppressive social structures, social locations, and social statuses. She is the recipient of numerous awards for her work including a national human rights award, a social justice anti-oppression award, and a research award.

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