What Is Kotlin? A Brief Introduction

That said, Kotlin is mostly used for web development and mobile app development. Therefore, Kotlin developers are likely to be back-end web developers and/or mobile app developers. Compared to Java, developing with Kotlin can result in cca. Tie that to the fact Kotlin emerged from the industry, not academia – and you’ll end up with a pretty sweet programming language developers are naturally attracted to. Since 2012, Kotlin has been an open source programming language and it is continuously improved.

What is Kotlin

For instance, you can add Java source code to an existing Kotlin project or add Kotlin source code to a Java project. In type inference, data types are detected automatically at compile time. Thus Kotlin relies less on the user to deliver information, relying on data-oriented inference. Type checking occurs when the variable types are checked to verify whether or not they agree with the system. When type checking occurs at compile time, errors are detected earlier in development. Statically typed languages perform type checking at compile time versus runtime.

Functions in Kotlin

On the other hand, Kotlin is a modern-day’s language, which has advantages including conciseness, interoperability, less error-prone, and less learning curve, etc. A lot of opportunities will open for future Android Developers like you applying at Alida School. Kotlin has become famous for building Android applications and the demand for developing server-side applications for the JVM is increasing. Kotlin can also be used to write web applications by transpiling them to Javascript. There are also many companies looking for Kotlin Developers, especially in the Android Development space. Kotlin and Java are 100% interoperable, meaning you can have any percentage of code written in Kotlin, and the rest in Java, and it will all work together.

  • Kotlin provides support for higher-order functions and anonymous functions or lambdas.
  • To further support Kotlin, Spring has translated all its documentation to Kotlin and added built-in support for many Kotlin-specific features such as coroutines.
  • Kotlin mainly targets the JVM but also compiles to JavaScript or native code.
  • It can be combinable by both java codes and javascript codes, and Java libraries.
  • You also can use it for mobile and server-side applications, client-side with JavaScript or JavaFX, and data science, etc.

Very Concise − Kotlin is based on Java Virtual Machine and it is a functional language. Thus, it reduce lots of boiler plate code used in other programming languages. Kotlin is a cross-platform, statically typed, general-purpose programming language with type inference.

Kotlin (programming language)

Software developers across the globe prefer the Kotlin language for various projects. It is quite easy to maintain and debug this language, so it is a good language to start with. Developed by Jetbrains, Kotlin is https://globalcloudteam.com/ a statistically typed programming language intended for Java Virtual Machine , Android, JavaScript, and Nativ. It is also a free and open-source language having both object-oriented and functional constructs.

What is Kotlin

Once the course is completed, you will be eligible for the Kotlin certification, which provides you with an edge in the job market. Using Kotlin, you can avail of the advantage of sharing the common code across different platforms. This is because you can use Kotlin with IOS, web applications, and backend.

Coding in Kotlin

Contracts are inspired by Eiffel’s design by contract programming paradigm. Kotlin 1.4 was released in August 2020, with e.g. some slight changes to the support for Apple’s platforms, i.e. to the Objective-C/Swift interop. JetBrains, a company headquartered in the Czech Republic, developed Kotlin in St. Petersburg, Russia, with help from open source programmers. Kotlin has great support and many contributors in its fast-growing global community. Enjoy the benefits of a rich ecosystem with a wide range of community libraries. Help is never far away — consult extensive community resources or ask the Kotlin team directly.

What is Kotlin

Kotlin’s features make it a higher-level language than Java, so Java makes it pay a penalty when it comes to clean builds. However, in terms of incremental builds, Kotlin is definitely faster than Java. Also called a regular build, incremental builds compile only the source files that need to how to hire a kotlin developer be compiled on that particular run based on the latest changes. This is distinct from a clean build, which deletes everything and recompiles all the source files again from scratch. Now, let’s dive deeper into this article and know the various unique features of Kotlin programming language.

What Is Kotlin? A Brief Introduction

Kotlin has several important features, but we’ve listed some of the most important ones below. Above all functions, Kotlin has two particular kinds of functions named Lambda function and Inline function. In a Kotlin function, a return value depends on the requirement.

Thanks to its interoperability, any standard Java libraries that your program requires are easily accessible through Kotlin. While Java offers some support for asynchronous programming, it’s often difficult and tedious to pull off properly. Kotlin takes the burden off you with the help of coroutines. While it won’t replace the original, Kotlin’s multi-platform uses make it flexible. A dev team can bypass having to rewrite their program for multiple embedded systems with Kotlin.

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Kotlin first appeared in 2011, but it didn’t get much attention in the first five years. The primary idea behind Kotlin is to make programming languages more compatible with day-to-day app development—mostly on server-side or client-side to advanced Android development. However, Kotlin is versatile, and you can perform any development using it.

What is Kotlin

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