The Journal of Black
Sexuality and Relationship


The Journal of Black Sexuality and Relationships is devoted to addressing the epistemological, ontological, and social construction of sexual expression and relationships of persons within the African diaspora. The journal seeks to take into account the transhistorical substrates that subsume behavioral, affective, and cognitive functioning of persons of African descent as well as those who educate or clinically serve this important population. Quantitative, qualitative, and conceptual, articles, book reviews, and letters to the editor address various cultural substrates (e.g., age, race, gender, sexual orientation/identities, ability, spirituality, etc.) that intersect or weave themselves in/out of sexual expression, romantic relationships, and/or friendships. Interdisciplinary in nature, the journal includes perspectives from a variety of fields including psychology, sociology, education, psychiatry, human development, social work, social policy, and anthropology.


  • Sexuality Education
  • Sex trafficking, sex tourism, sex work (e.g., prostitution, erotic entertainment), sexual harassment, and the hegemonic politics that enable these institutions and behaviors
  • HIV/AIDS/STI prevention and interventions and the the attempts to reduce transmission
  • Masculinity/Femininity, sex role adoption and the possibility of transcending binary discourse
  • Sexuality language
  • Reproductive politics
  • Explicit and implicit systemic movements of Black family constellations
  • Fantasy, desire, and the continuum of sexual arousal
  • Aesthetics and body politics
  • Human development including the dynamics of aging
  • Sexual globalization
  • Sexual scripts, intimacy negotiation, and styles of courtship
  • Media (television, radio, internet) interpretations of sexuality’
  • Cyber pornography, cyber dating, cyber stalking/bullying, cyber rape and victimization
  • Parenting
  • Sex addiction
  • Impact and role of the church on sexuality
  • Evolution of Black feminism and womanism
  • Sex therapy and consultation
  • Communication
  • Expectations, assumptions, and stereotypes of Black male and female sexuality
  • Contraceptive technology
  • Kink, BDSM, fetish, paraphilias, polyamory
  • The development of emotional intelligence


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Editor's Note: Embrace the Opportunity to Discuss Race and Sexuality

Afro Latino Same Sex Attracted Men: Ethnic Identity Importance, Gay Community Identification, and Internalized Homonegativity

Dr. Juan F. Camarena

Empowerment as a Key Role in Lowering HIV Infection among African American Women: A Qualitative Exploration of Factors that Impact Sexual Risk Reduction

Drs. Sheba K. Dunston, Barbara Wallace, and Chiamaka Osuoha

Development of the Sexual Desire Assessment Tool (SDAT) and a Training Program to Educate Clinicians and Assist in Opening Dialogue with Polyamorous Systems

Dr. Thelma Carter Tennie

Catchin’ Feeling: Experiences of Intimacy during Black College Students’ Sexual Encounters

Jardin Dogan, Candice Hargons, Carolyn Meiller, Joseph Oluokun, Chesmore Montique, and Natalie Malone.